6 Clever Ways To Sneak A Nap During A Busy Work Week

have to close your door. Lock it, set your alarm for 40 minutes, then sleep away!

3. Skip Group Lunch

Tell everyone you’re on a budget this week. Head to your car or the wellness room. Kick back and relax until your hour is up.

4. On the Commute

Beware, this one isn’t always safe but for those of us without cars and living in the city, it’s all we’ve got. Grab a seat closest to either end of the train car (never in the middle), put on your headphones (so no one can try to talk to you), wrap your arm around your bag or purse twice (so no one steals it), then get some shuteye. We all know you can never get any real sleep while commuting, but having the chance to close your eyes for a second will make a world of difference!

5. Yoga Class

We all have those days that seem to never end. Perhaps you still have a