Expecting? Here Are 6 Things You Need To Do First

two to really sit back and think about the options your doctor discussed with you. Picture yourself as a mother and consider what life will be like with a baby. Will you be financially and emotionally fit to raise a child?

3. Tell Your Partner

Once you’ve weighed all of your options, notify your partner. If you’re in a committed relationship, find a cool way to tell your significant other. If you’re not, sit down face to face with your partner and discuss your options along with your final decision.

4. Start Taking Prenatal Vitamins

Whether you want to keep your baby or look into adoption, the health of the baby is vital. Research prenatal vitamins, choose one that you feel comfortable with and start taking them immediately. This will ensure your baby is getting all the essential nutrients that it needs to grow and to be healthy.

5. Look Into Healthcare Options

There are options out there for everyone and for every situation. If you don’t have healthcare and have