Leopoldine Emma Doualla-Bell: The World’s First Black Flight Attendant

…Air Zaire as station and officer manager at the Libreville airport. Smith also supported the Skal club (also known as Skal international), the international association of professionals, leaders, and friends who were seeking to promote travel and tourism in Africa.

Smith and her husband moved to Lima, Peru, in 1983 for a Peace Corps assignment. While there, she remained in the travel industry and worked as a travel consultant. Smith and her husband retired in 2003 and moved to Denver where they established the Business and Intercultural Services for Educational Travel and Associated Learning (BISETAL) which encourages on-site education about Africa and other non-western cultures. Smith also volunteers at Denver International Airport through their ambassador program, welcoming visitors to the Mile-High City and assisting them to find their way through the airport. In 2015 Smith was honored at the fortieth anniversary of Black Flight Attendants of America organization at Los Angeles International Airport’s Flight Path Museum.