Dating While Celibate: Is It Even Possible?

Navigating through the dating scene is already challenging enough, so why not add celibacy to the mix?

In a world where “matching” with someone is one swipe away, things have the potential to move way faster than they ever have. The concept of sex-positivity, however beautiful, and mobile applications like Bumble and Tinder can make the dating terrains a bit rougher for those who have committed to celibacy.

Celibacy is a very personal choice. When someone decides to abstain from sex there’s a valid reason behind it, be it spiritual, religious, short-term or long-term, and the search for love can bring on unforeseen pressures, stress; and uncertainty for those who are serious about their commitment.

I once wrote an article about how celibacy can help increase productivity and focus so that we can achieve our goals. My decision was all about spiritual soundness and personal growth. At the time the

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