Dating While Celibate: Is It Even Possible?

article was published I had been celibate for about a year and some change. I wasn’t interested in dating back then because I wasn’t quite sure I had the strength and willpower.

Now that I’m ready to date again, I’ve noticed that things that work for my sexually active friends don’t necessarily work for me. I’ve tried online dating and I’ve even met people the old fashioned way, all to no avail because things have changed for me. This in no way means that it’s impossible to date while celibate, it just means that we have to move differently.

For anyone living their best celibate life or considering celibacy, here are some ways to date without feeling like you’ll never find the one.

Put a Curfew on Yourself and Your Phone Calls

During the courting phase, we may speak over the phone more than we see one another. I’d say this is pretty normal although I’ve encountered suitors who were