Are You An Awkward Dater? 7 Tips To Better Dating

likely going to leave a better impression than what you spend. After all, you want your date to get to know the real you.

2. Talk About Something That May Interest Your Date

While your date may be interested in getting to know you, it’s not your show. Try to make your conversation engaging, centering it around things that you know your date might enjoy. Pay attention and you’ll be able to pick up on clues of what this may be.

3. Give Compliments, But Don’t Overdo It

It’s nice to receive compliments, but it gets awkward when the compliment flood gates swing open, which is exactly what we want to avoid. Try to get your point across and flatter your date without making them feel uncomfortable, focusing on things like their smile, or a detail that would normally be missed (earrings, shoes, scent).

4. Choose A Location That Allows For Conversation 

While movie dates and concerts are great, these can be saved for later. You want to pick a place that isn’t too noisy so you can actually hear one another. You also want to be free from distractions so the