The Skinny On Intermittent Fasting

improvement of insulin levels in the blood, as well as insulin sensitivity of cells which can help with diabetes and other metabolic disorders. Intermittent fasting has also been proven to push cells towards apoptosis, a process in which damaged cells are recycled and waste products removed, decreasing the risk of cancer due to overgrowth of damaged cells.

In addition to removing cells, fasting can also cause cells to produce more human growth hormones as well as increased expression of genes associated with longevity and disease protection, both of which lead to improved performance and function. Other benefits of intermittent fasting have included reduced inflammation, increased brain capacity, and even weight loss.

If intermittent fasting has so many benefits and so many people have achieved great results from using the method, why don’t more Americans participate in the lifestyle? It is simply a case of mind over matter. Because of the way our human bodies have been wired throughout history, and the biggest threat to our survival being starvation, we are driven to consume food in order to stay alive.

In the past, the threat of starvation has always loomed over our ancestors which over time created a natural instinct to eat whenever food was available. However, today in our food-rich society it is vital that we fight the urge to eat at all times simply because food is available.


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