#TravelGoals: 5 Places You Need To Be In 2019

art, music, graffiti, picturesque views and a colorful hillside that makes views of the city from any viewpoint one of a kind.

As more tourists learn about this coastal town, more and more unique lodging options are popping up. You may not find your favorite hotel chain but you’ll be able to find artsy hotels complete with restaurants, spas, and views for days.

When you’re not staring at the gorgeous views of the ocean, you can enjoy a number of free walking tours offered in English and Spanish and climb high into the hills of this magical city. You’ll find plenty of bars with that famous Chilean wine as well as countless seafood restaurants with fresh finds straight from the Pacific.

2. Montreal, Canada

If you want to get a taste of Paris without flying across an ocean, you can take a quick trip to Montreal instead. Montreal is a popular city among tourists but it is still

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