4 E-Tools For Planning A Successful Group Trip Abroad

When it comes to traveling with friends, there’s always that one person who steps up to assume the role of the planner. That is — until the group chat goes batsh*t. Sidebar conversations, complaints about the hotel stay, activity schedule or lack thereof and food choices can easily derail the planner’s best intentions.

Thankfully, there are plenty of e-tools out there that can help you reign everyone in and start planning the best traveling experience ever. Here are some apps you need to be confident when you plan a group trip.

1. The KAYAK App
The Kayak app can help you find the right flights and hotels at the best price. Since you know where the group wants to go and when they want to travel, you can immediately start a search. Using the filters, you can further narrow down your search so that you’re finding the options that are best for your group.

Have time before you need to book? Set a Price Alert for the flight or hotel you want. It’ll track prices and let you know when they change. Also, an added benefit of

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