Generations of Sickle Cell: Breaking The Cycle

… it’s you know it’s genetic so we know it goes far more than that. So as a family we have learned from generation to generation and we will continue to teach outside of you. And we will teach you. Now do you’re going to learn it or you’re not. But for me with my life and my life lesson and that’s not negotiable. Period.

BDO: So speaking about food and its relationships of sickle cell and you being a sickle cell patient as well, what are you eating now that’s different than what you used to eat?

Misty: To be honest. I’ve had a family from Belize. And so we have a farm there. We have land there and so I am first generation in my family to come to the states and both my grandmother and my parents had gardens in our backyard in Los Angeles. So we were growing a lot of our own stuff to begin with. And I think being a chef was just definitely in my blood. Did nursing for 13 years and I just always love cooking so I just started catering for sickle cell events while doing this. And just loved it so much that I changed over and started you know becoming a chef and went to culinary school. And so the differences I learned in culinary school as well were just what is in the food these days where you can get healthy products you know having relationships with like butchers and things like that. If you’re not just eating meat. But my grandmother was vegetarian so I learned how to make wonderful recipes from way back. And I continue to do that and add to it for vegetarians and for vegans. So I give options do meal plans but vegetables fruits which we all know you know we know how the food chain goes. I would say definitely the herbs things like turmeric and ginger lots of ginger inflammatory stuff because sickle cell period. That’s one of our number one problems. The swelling the inflammatory taking so many medications that it messes up your stomach and having you know high acid levels. So doing the nutrition what nursing really helped me in this department and then finding out about the ingredients in the foods. So I would say the only thing that’s changed for me is honestly just adding more ingredients that are natural and you know incorporating that every day with every meal three times a day.

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