How to Have a Social Life When You’re Trying to Stick to Your Diet

It can be a bit of a challenge to maintain a social life when trying to stick to your diet, but it’s not impossible. I’ve had this conversation with my client’s numerous times. If you’re a very social person or just like to go out occasionally with friends or family, have no fear, you don’t have to stay at home.

There are several things you can do to stay on track which I will discuss in a bit. If it’s a work luncheon or party you’re worried about, that can be managed as well. It’s important to research, plan and in some cases take the initiative. It might seem a bit overwhelming thinking about how to partake in the festivities because we’re not sure how to stay on track or make healthy choices. Here are some things you can do to avoid that:

Review menus before you go out. See what your options are that way you won’t be totally surprised and can figure out what you can and can’t have. If there doesn’t appear to be many options, eat a light snack or light dinner at home beforehand. If that’s not an option and the event is after work, then have something light while at the office. Having a salad works great.

If the party is taking place at a restaurant, ask the person who planned the menu what is being served. You might be able to ask if the restaurant can make

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