State Representative Jarvis Johnson Addresses Sickle Cell Epidemic (Video)

Jarvis Johnson: My name is Jarvis Johnson, and State Representative here in the state of Texas in district 139. Well here to talk about Sickle Cell as we deal with the epidemic of Sickle Cell here in Texas and again across the country we want to make sure that we bring more awareness. This episode was one of the things that has become a part of my main platform in the state of Texas just to ensure that we’re bringing more attention.

More research dollars and certainly being able to enhance some appropriations for patients that need the care or not getting it. Currently, I don’t have a personal connection. I just have a cultural and community connection. The fact is is that Sickle Cell affects primarily people of color, minority, black and brown. I mean at the end of the day we start to realize that we’re not doing enough tracking we’re not doing enough. We don’t have enough data to make sure that we’re providing proper health care for the people that are affected. And so what we realize is that sickle cell has become a very expensive disease to deal with, and so I want to make sure that we’re bringing more awareness to it. And as I said before making sure that we’re doing the corporation the dollars that we need. To be able to give people a better quality of life. And at some point or another being able to eradicate this disease.

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