Spa of the Week: Canyon Ranch Resort & Spa

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You deserve a break. Why not enjoy a luxury piece of heaven dipped into the sweetest flavors of caramel sauce? Sounds like serenity at your fingertips, right? Well, it’s not a far-fetched idea that’s only limited to your imagination when you open the doors at Canyon Ranch Resort & Spa.

With a bundle of fitness activities, holistic health experts, and refreshing spa treatments, you’ll get a wellness experience that will replenish your natural resilience and fill every crevice of your soul.

Check out these two locations for wellness resorts: Tucson, AZ and Lenox, MA.

In Tucson, you’ll find the perfect opportunity to relax and renew through a healthy lifestyle consultation, a night in the Canyon Ranch sleep lab, or a meditation session with a licensed therapist. If you’re seeking to become more intentional with