We Asked 10 College Women About Their HIV status…

Women and girls deserve the knowledge and power they need to live their best lives—and we’re not going back and forth with you on this one. But when it comes to HIV, it turns out that many women still don’t have the information they need to make healthy decisions. One out of seven people living with HIV have no idea that they have it. This is a big deal for young women in college.

On campuses where students are knowledgeable, fearless and judgment-free, young women are still not including HIV as a part of their sexual health routine. We asked 10 college women if they have been tested for HIV, and we’re sharing their thoughts and our feedback right here.

I’ve never been tested before, not for HIV, that is. I just know I don’t have it and would never get it, so I don’t worry. -Junior

Our response: Anyone who has sex can get HIV – the virus does not discriminate. The only want to know your status is to get tested.

HIV testing? Why would I need to get that done? I don’t have any symptoms of HIV. – Sophomore

Our response: Women and girls living with HIV may have no symptoms for years. Even if HIV causes no symptoms, it is still hurting your body’s immune system.

I always make it my duty to get tested whenever I