BREAKING: How HIV Is Being Used To ‘Cure’ Sickle Cell Disease

… why you have to put money into basic research. Who would have known that figuring out how the HIV virus works would help you probably cure sickle cell anemia someday? We don’t know what we’re gonna use. We’re building up all these tools, we’re doing all this basic research. If I someday develop some disease, I’m gonna want a cure for that or a good treatment for it that day. Well, it takes ten, 20, 30 years maybe to come up with that. So, when I see Jennelle, encapsulated in Jennelle and in her success– is so much.

This clinical trial external link , which is still recruiting participants, is testing a novel gene replacement therapy in people with severe sickle cell disease. Preliminary findings suggest that the approach has an acceptable level of safety and might help patients consistently produce normal red blood cells instead of the sickle-shaped ones that mark this painful, life-threatening disease.

People interested in participating should contact the Office of Patient Recruitment by phone 1-800-411-1222 or email [email protected]

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