Believe In The Beauty Of Bali

temples right in the neighborhood where I stayed) visit the Monkey Forest, elephant caves, yoga and bike ride in the rice paddies. Ubud is definitely more of the holistic part of Bali.

As mentioned, during my time there I was provided a driver by the resort as most destinations are not within walking distance. I stayed at and highly recommend this resort if you decide to stay further out. My accommodations were a one-bedroom villa with a private pool. The views were so awe-inspiring that just from reading this and seeing the pictures you are already booking your trip right?

Upon my arrival, they washed my feet because of my long journey. Senetan provided as mentioned a driver, private yoga lessons, masseuse and lots of serenity. My villa had a kitchen outside but in the villa (most people who know me know that was used just for a great photo-op ☺), along with my bathroom and shower being outside but in the villa.

Ubud is also known for its superb coffee and a visit to Bali Pulina Plantation is a must. The Luwak coffee history and scenery is one you will not forget. Once you finish your coffee you must head to the Monkey Forest to visit the monkeys.

The Balinese longed tail monkeys roam freely in the park and generally will not bother you unless you are

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