What is Metabolism & Why Is It Important?

The word metabolism comes up when we talk about weight loss or weight gain. What is metabolism? It is the sum of all chemical processes by which humans and all living things (plants and animals) use food, water, etc. to make energy.

The process of metabolism turns the food you eat into the energy it needs. Basal metabolic rate is the rate at which the body uses energy while at rest to keep vital functions working properly and turning food into usable energy. It accounts for about 70 percent of your metabolism.

There are several factors that can affect one’s metabolism such as age. Age can slow down metabolism because as we age, we gain fat and lose muscle. Some people become less active. This can be reversed by increasing physical activity to make up for slower metabolism.

Weight loss is another factor that can affect one’s metabolism. Rapid weight loss can slow down metabolism because it takes less energy for the

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