What is Metabolism & Why Is It Important?

body to function at a lower weight. If losing weight is a goal, one might want to take in fewer calories or get more physical activity to burn more calories.

Also keep in mind that eating too little can also slow down metabolism, also known as metabolic adaptation. This is putting our body in starvation mode when taking in too little calories. When we do this our body thinks it’s starving because it hasn’t been fed.

It responds by holding on to what you last fed it and storing it as fat. It will burn as few calories as possible. The longer this happens, the further your BMR may drop. Yo-yo dieting is an example of this.

Medications can also factor in speeding up or slowing down one’s metabolism as well. Also, being deficient in any of the essential vitamins and nutrients can cause a negative effect.

On the other side of that, there are ways to kick start our metabolism and

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