Black Dolls: Do They Matter?

questions including, “which is the good doll?” and “Which is the bad doll?”. The dolls were identical in every way, their only difference being their race: one was black and the other was white.

The study’s findings led the researchers to the conclusion that both black and white children have an internalized racial bias, as they tended to attribute the bad traits to the black doll more so than the white.

When I watched this special I, like many who have seen this, was shocked and horrified that children could have these feelings about those who look like them at such an early age. Surely if they felt this way about dolls they must feel the same way about themselves and that is unacceptable.

From that moment on I vowed that I would only buy my children black baby dolls & barbies, books with black characters, and we would watch all of the movies with black characters.

I’m not the only mother of a black child that felt or feels this way. After a quick Facebook poll of my friends and family, I found that many of them exclusively buy their children, nieces, and goddaughters black baby dolls. But is this

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