Are You Properly Warmed Up Before You Exercise?

As I had this conversation with another fitness professional the other day, we were lamenting as to how some of our clients come into their training sessions without properly warming up. They say they’re ready to work out but they are not properly warmed up. Why is it important you ask?

First, the warmup prepares the body for exercise. The type of workout will determine the type of warmup that is needed. This not only consists of getting the heart rate up but also increasing circulation, loosening the joints and increasing blood flow to the muscles. Warming up the muscles also includes dynamic stretches, myofascial work (foam rolling), etc. This prepares the body for physical activity and prevents injuries.

Most of the time the excuses that we hear include being pressed for time, the client warmed up by walking the dog, dropping the kids off to school or just running up the stairs to get to their workout. It is important for physiological and psychological reasons to properly warm-up before exercising.

A proper warmup prepares the heart, lungs, and muscles for the strenuous part of the workout.  There are many

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