The “Triple” In Triple Negative Breast Cancer

The “Triple” in Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) refers to Estrogen and Progesterone (hormones) and Her2 (an epidermal growth factor). This means that they are NOT going to respond to hormonal therapy or medicines that target the Her2 Protein.

In the US, TNBC is a rare and aggressive type of breast cancer that makes up only 10% to 20% of the total invasive breast cancers.

Black women of diverse backgrounds are three times more likely than non-black women to have TNBC, regardless of age or weight and this may contribute to the lower survival rates among women of color. The prevalence of TNBC among white Americans is 10% and among African-Americans is 33%.1 The total number of cases of TNBC globally is approximately 170,000.2 The prevalence of TNBC in Ghana, however, is 82% – the highest percentage of breast cancers of this subtype globally.3

My motto has always been to TEST and not Guess when I am treating a patient. We have the liberty now to be very specific in our treatments by using genetics. I started using specialized testing about four years ago that allows me to know the clinical risk for metastases/ angiogenesis, proliferation, and resistance. This information then allows me also to see exactly which therapeutic option would be best specifically for them based on genetics. I look at conventional cytostatics, targeted therapies (Moab and SMW), Class I, II, and II biological/natural substances, and of course sensitivity to radiotherapy/ Hyperthermia.

Here are 5 of the biological and natural substances that I have seen great results with:

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