Stressful Life Events Tied To Heart Disease In Older Black Women

It’s no secret that stress can kill – and according to new research that also looked at whether a person’s resilience could help ward off the impact of stress – stressful life events were linked to higher incidents of heart attack, stroke and other types of cardiovascular disease in black women.

The study did not find a connection between resilience and cardiovascular disease, but its authors encouraged more research into that area and other potential links.

“Stress may be particularly relevant for black women, given the discriminatory environment in which these women may live. However, research on the relationship between stress and CVD (cardiovascular disease) among black women is sparse,” said the authors of an Ohio State University-led study published in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes.

Among 10,785 black postmenopausal women who were followed over an average of 12.5 years, those who experienced significant life events such as the

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