5 Things I Learned About My Mental Health While Traveling

Many of us implement travel into our lives as a form of self care. The balancing act between our day-to-day responsibilities and our mental health issues can often times cause burn out making a change of scenery more than necessary. But it is important to ask ourselves if we’re really using our vacations to recuperate or are we still allowing ourselves to be affected by the things that weigh us down while we’re away.

Many times, I’d leave and come back just as physically and mentally exhausted as I was before I left, making the entire trip pointless. I had to learn what worked and what didn’t in order to ensure that I was getting what I needed mind, body and spirit. Here are five things I learned about my mental health while traveling.

1. My Cell Phone Is My Worst Enemy

I (like a lot of people) work in a high pressure profession that requires me to constantly be tied to my phone. I’ve even found myself