6 Tips To Managing Pregnancy Weight Gain

During pregnancy, the weight will surely start to pack on. It’s only natural. Putting your baby at risk because of your weight gain is a different story and in that case, changes must be made. It’s not always easy, but making small changes to your daily routine will make for a healthy baby and mother in the end. Battling your weight during pregnancy?

Here are 6 Tips for Managing Pregnancy Weight Gain:

Eat for one and a half, not for two. Most first-time moms get this one wrong. Just because we have a growing human being in our womb does not mean they eat just as much as we do. “Eating for two”, as they say, is simply taken out of context the majority of the time.

According to the National Academy of Sciences, pregnant women should gain between 15 and 35 pounds. The reality is, you need only

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