Keep Your Belly Beach Ready With These Quick Fixes

Do ever take a beach vacation and look snatched on Day 1, but more like Winnie The Pooh by Day 3? You’re not the only one. What we eat and how we live daily can make us look and feel 10 pounds heavier or lighter. There are steps we can take every day to keep our bellies under control and be beach-ready at the drop of a dime.

H20, 24/7
First and foremost, you should be keeping your water intake at an all-time high. Water can make all your dreams come true: less bloat, less hunger, more energy, clearer skin, and the list goes on from there. But for the belly, water is essential to help you flush out your digestive tract, keep you regular, avoid starvation, and keep your belly trim. Find yourself a water bottle and keep it full all day long. Drink and refill from sun up to sun down to help you hang on to that flat stomach.

Go Easy With the Salt Shaker
Along those lines, water helps you to flush out excess fluids that can make your belly expand and look less than amazing. But salt, is one of the culprits for making your body hold onto unwanted water weight, resulting in swelling all over the body, stomach included.

So when you cook or eat out, try to do it without as little salt as possible. Cook with other herbs and

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