The Way You Carry Your Wallet Is Hurting Your Back

Many of the men I know carry their wallets in their back pockets. Your back pocket may be easy to access, but carrying your wallet in your back pocket, on the left or right, can be causing issues with your spine.

If you’re sitting on a wallet during a trip in your car or at your desk, your backside is sitting on an uneven surface for hours. This can cause irritation to your sacroiliac joints.

Your sacroiliac joints are the two joints at the back of your pelvis that allow you to sit, stand, and walk. If these joints are irritated, it can cause faulty movement of the joints or lead to a misalignment of the joint.

Several muscles in your low back are affected when you sit on your wad of cash and cards all day. The muscles that allow you to maintain your posture and your low back to move can become

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