Method Man Shows Love To Big Girls: “Don’t Let Nobody Body Shame You”

(Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET)

On this year’s BET Awards 2019 blue carpet, veteran rapper and actor Method Man graced the event in an impeccable dark suit and showed that he’s aging like fine wine. An interviewer discussed how he handles all of the female attention, especially with being a married man.

In the interview with Hip Hollywood, he shared that the attention good and bad at times. But it’s what he said about big girls, or plus-sized women, that really has people’s attention.

He said, “But I love it. I love [the attention]. Especially my big girls. Big girls, let me tell you something, man. This is from the heart too: I love y’all! Y’all love and support y’all men. So look man, don’t let nobody knock y’all hustle, body shame you–none of that! Ya’ heard? Y’all got some of the prettiest feet in the game too!”

Fat shaming involves criticizing and harassing overweight people about their weight or eating habits to make them feel ashamed of themselves.

The harmful effects of fat shaming go beyond increased weight gain — which is serious enough.

– Depression: People who are discriminated against due to weight are at a higher risk of depression and other mental issues.
– Eating disorders: Fat shaming is linked to an increased risk of eating disorders, such as binge eating.
– Reduced self-esteem: Fat shaming is linked to reduced self-esteem.

(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for TBS)

By causing stress, weight gain, increased cortisol levels, and mental problems, weight discrimination may raise your risk of various chronic diseases. Research is very clear that fat shaming harms people — both psychologically and physically

But Meth isn’t the only married celebrity who has shown love for big girls.

Back in 2014, handsome actor Morris Chestnut (yes, THE Morris Chestnut) took to his fan site, and expressed his love for plus-size women and…

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