Top 10 Ways To Attract The Ladies

Making time for yourself is important and is being embraced more and more. Often, when we talk about self-care, men can feel left out of the conversation. Luckily for our men, we’ve put together a guide of 10 easy ways you can give back to you–and look good doing it!

1. Embrace the Beard

So you’re apart of the beard gang. It’s an elite club, but the hard work is never done: facial hair requires a LOT of maintenance to look its best.

Frequent cleansing is the first beard grooming basic. It helps to prevent a build-up of oil and dirt, which can lead to beardruff and acne. Get the soft beard every woman loves by regularly using beard oil– that will condition the hair from the inside out and look after the skin beneath. Don’t forget to comb your facial hair to promote healthy growth and distribute oil to the dryer ends of the beard. 

2. Make Shaving Mindful

Not a part of the beard gang? No problem! There are plenty of reasons to

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