The Secret To Growing Long, Healthy Hair

combination of silicon and oxygen, two of the most abundant elements on the planet.

It is a trace mineral that can be found in the body that slowly depletes as we age, and if we are lacking this mineral it can not only cause our hair to weaken and shed, but it can also impact our nails, skin and other organs in our bodies, as well.

Many hair companies incorporate bamboo extract into their products because it helps lock in moisture and creates shine while adding strength and elasticity.

These companies are fully aware of silica’s ability to improve hair texture, prevent split ends and accelerate hair growth. This nutrient-rich ingredient also has protective antioxidant properties and improves hair health through its silica-rich nutrient base.

The Benefits of Silica:

1. Helps restore appearance and adds shine to hair
2. Lengthens and thickens hair strands
3. Prevents hair shedding and

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