Dr. Dale Teaches Parents How To Raise A Doctor!

(Photo credit: Youtube.com)

Nine out of 10 parents would encourage their child to pursue a career in medicine. Unfortunately, most of them have little idea of what it takes to become a medical doctor, let alone raise one. In his new book, How to Raise a DoctorDale Okorodudu, MD shares wisdom and guidance from over 75 parents of physicians. He provides powerful and practical information to help parents raise tomorrow’s leaders in society.

As co-founder of PreMed STAR, Dr. Dale is best known for guiding students to medical school.  His new book however takes a unique turn as he shifts his attention to parents. How to Raise a Doctor is based on his simple philosophy that, “in order to equip the children, we must first equip the parents.” Using examples from his own upbringing as well as those from other physicians, Dr. Dale provides high yield guidance in this easy-read.

“I decided to write this book when a mother saw one of my Black Men In White Coats videos,” Dr. Dale says. “She reached out to me and wanted to know what she could do to help her son become a doctor.” A couple years later, Dr. Dale has provided not only her, but the entire world with the answer to this question.

Although there is no single thing parents can do to raise doctors and leaders, Dr. Dale did identify essential commonalities. “Most of these parents didn’t set out to raise doctors,” Dr. Dale shares. “What they did do however was pick up on their kids’ potential and interests, then guide and support them down that path. They suggested medicine as an option then encouraged, rather than forced it. That was the most valuable lesson I learned. Be extremely attentive to your child’s gifts and talents. Then as a parent, develop yourself so you can support him or her in them.”

So, what’s next for Dr. Dale? “My mission is to develop tomorrow’s leaders in medicine,” he says. “I’ll continue to

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