Could CBD Treat Opioid Addiction?

At the state level, opioid overdose death rates are actually higher for black, non-Hispanic individuals than for white individuals in Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and the District of Columbia. In Washington state, the drug and the opioid-involved overdose death rate for American Indians and Alaska Natives also far surpasses that of white individuals.

Cities like Chicago are also seeing this trend. Black individuals in Chicago make up about a third of the population but almost half of the opioid-related deaths.

However, new treatments and clinical trials are starting to rise, including this latest discovery. Cannabidiol (CBD) has been receiving a lot of attention lately as a potential treatment for everything from epilepsy to anxiety. Now, researchers report it might also help curb the cravings that come with opioid addiction.

Like marijuana, CBD comes from the cannabis plant. Unlike pot, it does not produce a high.

The study included 42 men and women with a history of heroin abuse who

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