200+ Pound Weight Loss: From Death To Life!

(Photo credit: @monet_reloaded IG)

Brandy, better known as @Monet_Reloaded on instagram, is a 30ish single mother of two who is truly an inspiration for anyone, male or female, who wants to lose weight.

She’s not only a consultant for underground & indie music artist and producers, she’s an online fitness and wellness coach who specializes in the Keto Diet. When we heard her story of triumph from a number of her fans, we knew we had to feature her.

“I did yo-yo diets here and there but could never stick to it or take it seriously,” explains Brandy to The Femme Fatale Femme Club. “Plus I told myself “I love the skin I’m in” and tried to embrace my BBW movement. Then Sept 10th 2014 (a month and a week before my 30th birthday) I had to have an emergency surgery and ended up DYING.”

“I flatlined several times after the surgery in recovery and the reason I was told later was because I was too overweight. That CHANGED MY LIFE.”