Have Your Hot Girl Summer With These Body Foundation Skincare Tips from Dove!

If you’ve been anywhere near social media recently you may have noticed body foundations are having a moment. Whether you’re covering a bruise, looking to even out your skin tone, or getting glammed up for a summer party, applying body foundation is the latest option to enhance your look.

However, before you start slathering on body foundation every day, Dove Dermatologist and beauty expert, Dr. Alicia Barba is sharing how to safely care for your skin as you use this product. After all, incorrect use of any type of make-up, body or not, could lead to a variety of skin concerns including clogged pores, acne/breakouts, and dry or oily skin issues.

Here’s the need to know on keeping skin healthy with body foundations:

Properly Prep Your Skin

Before applying any form of make-up make sure your skin is

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