Mom of 4 Pushes Past Depression To Lose 145 Pounds

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DaleLynn Settle, a Houston native, mother of four, was busy enough and dealing with all that life’s ups and downs being a mother. It was during this time that depression and anxiety began to creep in due to her weight gain over the years. This is all in addition to dealing with her sister’s death, who died from a burst blood vessel in her heart, a complication from high blood pressure.

DaleLynn Settle was genetically lucky as a kid — she could eat whatever she wanted without gainging weight, including her family’s hearty dinners of fried chicken, mac and cheese and cornbread. But that all changed when she got older.
It started at age 20, when Settle got married and a year later had her first child. On top of those major life changes, she started suffering from anxiety and depression. Within a few years, she had ballooned to over 300 pounds.

After a long battle, she lost half her weight (over 150 lbs) and overcame depression and anxiety after more than a decade of going up and down with her weight. Now, she’s inspiring and motivating thousands of people to kick start their journey to weight loss. That inspiration caught the eye of People Magazine’s January 2019 “Half Their Size” edition.

“I wasn’t really dealing with my emotions and what got me there in the first place, and so over time the weight just started to pile on,” the 32-year-old tells PEOPLE. “And then I became a stay-at-home mom after my daughter was born. So not being active, being at home with the newborn baby, and just feeling like my dreams for school, and my dreams for work and employment, were gone because I had this new family. That caused the weight gain.”

“I was never full,” she says. “I’m a sugar addict, and I would eat at least a bag or two of Skittles a day.”

Since losing the weight and achieving her body goals, DaleLynn reached even higher by becoming a certified personal trainer and launching her own business, Bee Her Now, a multifaceted online platform full of content dedicated to fitness, fashion, faith and family.

“Here my clients or ‘friends’ as I call them can interact with me and can keep up with the latest YouTube videos documenting my weight loss journey, tips on meal prepping and

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