4 Fat-Burning Tips To Try After Cheat Day

Cheat days happen. Whether intentional or not, we’ve all been there, especially this summer with all of the festivals, backyard BBQs, and delicious picnics.

Having a cheat day is a great way to treat yourself for adhering to your meal plan throughout the week, but sometimes we overdo it and fall off the wagon. When this happens it may seem impossible to pick back up momentum, so we’ve rounded up a few tips that can immediately put you back on the straight and narrow.

1. Increase Protein and Vegetable Intake The Next Day

The day after your cheat day you should commit to eating a lot of protein and veggies. Try to keep the calories low this day and it will help you balance your calorie intake.

2. Schedule a High-Intensity Calorie-Burning Cardio Workout

Burn off those calories with a high-intensity workout.  Remember, high-intensity does not

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