Get Outside And Enjoy The Benefits Of Vitamin D!

Yikes! It’s the middle of August already. Where has the summer gone?

You know, I have been and will always be on my soapbox about exercise. I encourage about 30 minutes of anything, 5 days a week.  Well, here in Chicago, we gotta make hay while the sun shines, because before you know it, Mother Nature will be putting on her shades and winter will be here.

Think it’s all about having fun in the sun? Sure, I’m all for the picnics, concerts, and laying on the beach. But one of the best reasons to get outside is to get some Vitamin D. This natural nutrient from the sun is one of the best fighters against aging, diseases like diabetes, cancer and dementia, depression, bone weakness, and so much more.  Get it from the sun, from key foods, and from supplements, but just be sure to get some! Here’s more detail on why.

Vitamin D is no cure-all. Nothing is. But, as I learn new tips, I have to share them, because staying healthy is

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