Ladies: Make Your Weight Loss Journey An Uplifting One!

beliefs around food, and practice self-love daily.

Eat To Live

You can start by eliminating the word “diet” from your vocabulary. Why? Because losing weight requires a lifestyle change that will allow you to maintain a healthy weight. Instead of dieting for a certain length of time, you change your eating habits completely, focusing on consuming nutrient-dense foods in the amount that is right for your body. Eating should also be a pleasurable activity so allow room for small treats.

Get Moving!

Exercising regularly is as important as consuming nutritious food. Not only does exercise assist in weight loss, but it also helps to keep all kinds of health complications and diseases such as strokes, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, depression, anxiety and metabolic syndrome at bay.

Be Kind To Yourself

The road to your ideal body can be filled with emotional ups and downs. Therefore, it is important to recognize and acknowledge how amazingly beautiful you are. Fueling your weight loss with positive self-talk while learning to love your body during the process will tremendously benefit your weight loss efforts.


Slow down and allow your body to change steadily. You didn’t gain weight in only a couple of weeks, so don’t expect to lose it all so quickly. Take your time with it and allow your body to adjust. Remember, plenty of exercise, nutritious food and some sprinkles of self-love is the key to a healthy beautiful body.

Micah Morgan earned an MS degree in Entrepreneurship and Applied Technology from the University of South Florida. He’s a certified personal trainer and strength coach and the owner of MMFitness, a gym located in Tampa, Florida and 5-time award-winning gym. Follow him @mmorgan6. 

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