5 Breastfeeding Hacks For New Moms

run to a dirty public bathroom or quarantine yourself in the car. It’s also a good way to avoid spending money on nursing shirts.

Essentially, you wear a tank or camisole under your regular shirt and when it comes time to breastfeed, you pull the top shirt up and the undershirt down around the breast you plan to nurse with.  You then latch your baby. This way you can nurse your baby with only a small amount of skin exposed.

Another tip is to use a fitting room as a nursing room. A lot of malls and large department stores have family restrooms with a nursing station or two but if not, this is always a great option. Fitting rooms usually always have a chair or a bench, privacy, and they are a lot cleaner and better smelling than a public restroom.

If you find yourself in a store that doesn’t have a nursing room or fitting rooms and you forgot to double up those shirts you can always do the discrete cross cradle. I have had to do this a few times while my baby and I were stuck on an airplane.

I’d pull up my shirt on the side I want to nurse, just enough to let the baby latch, and cradle her across my stomach. This is best done while sitting in a high back chair. You’ll want to position yourself and the

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