5 Tips To Keep The Men In Your Life Healthy

red meat, butter, and other such foods. Add more fish, plants, vegetables, fruits, flaxseed, nuts, etc. Increase the intake of Omega 3 fatty acids which are associated with keeping blood vessels healthy and keeping blood pressure down.

4. Manage Stress Together

Most men feel the pressure of being the provider and head of the household which raises stress levels. Stress can take a toll on emotional and physical health. Help your man de-stress by scheduling couples massages, going out on date nights more, meditating together, etc.

5. Sleep Hygiene Is Important

Getting enough sleep (at least 7 hours each night) helps lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease, helps with staying at a healthy weight, helps with lowering blood pressure, helps with improving mood and thinking more clearly. Women should encourage the men in their lives to have a healthy and consistent sleep routine, avoid nicotine altogether, avoid caffeine and alcohol late in the day and avoid napping after 3 pm.

Always remember that just because you are healthy doesn’t mean you are off the hook! Health protection and prevention is the key to staying healthy for the long haul. Find a doctor you like and start building a physician-patient relationship.

Dr. Eva Beaulieu (IG: @dr.evab) has practiced medicine for 11 years as an Internal Medicine Hospitalist. She specializes in treating patients with High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Obesity in Atlanta, GA.

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