Pivot Points: Embrace Change & Know When To Make Moves!

I love this mug I got from the former “O” Store in Chicago.  I love drinking coffee from it and thinking about my “What’s next?”.  Life’s journey certainly hasn’t been a straight line.  People look at me and think, “She’s got it made.  What a success!”

If they only knew.

This Harvard MBA graduate and Marketing Executive has had to weather MANY storms–the Weather Channel ain’t got nothing on me! Divorces. Lawsuits. Layoffs. Foreclosure. Bankruptcy.  Uh-Huh.  Didn’t know all that, did-ja?  But I’m still standing.  Still smiling.  This mug says is best.  “Use what you have to run toward your best.”  That’s all anyone can do.  The key is–don’t get stuck.

I read. A lot. I read this article by Shannon Ashley on Medium about how when setbacks happen, the best way to get over them is to outgrow them. Outgrow rejection.  Outgrow heartbreak.  That job that didn’t work out.  That lover that broke your heart.  Be someone that would NOT want to be in that job or with that

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