Are You Genetically Predisposed To Divorce?

linked to genetics—like neuroticism, obsessive compulsion, and impulsivity, which are all direct contributors to divorce.

But, researchers are careful not to imply that just because divorce appears to be genetically linked, that means people with divorced parents are sealed to the same fate. It’s just an increased risk.

Another risk factor is the environment you were raised in as well. The study analyzed data from about 80,000 adults who had their biological parents in the home. The researchers said they did find correlations between participants’ divorce rates and the divorce rates of their biological fathers, but their mothers’ marital history with their second husbands (or a man not their father) was an even stronger predictor of their own success in marriage.

With these new findings, researchers hope their study can help people better understand the many reasons that may put couples at risk for permanent separation. It may also help guide relationship therapists and marriage counselors in making recommendations for couples who are having a hard time.

Other research has suggested that children of divorced parents lack commitment or loyalty to their relationship. The findings, however, point to the fact that it may have more to do with certain personality traits, and that

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