The Grimm’s Fairy Tales Come To Life In This Hotel In Berlin!

Photo Credit: Grimm’s Hotel

Is Berlin calling your name? Well, if you want to truly experience the heart of the city and everything it has to offer, you should book a stay at Grimm’s Postdamer Platz Hotel.

Grimm’s is a quaint and cozy hotel located walking distance away from Berlin’s most visited malls, vegan and vegetarian restaurants, theatres, and top city attractions. The intimate accommodations are perfect for business travelers, creatives, and those seeking to unwind!

The outdoor features and subtle location does not give this hotel the attention it truly deserves. Grimm’s is a hidden treasure that delivers more than what initially meets the eye. Created in 2015, this hotel has themed floors and fantasy-style artwork that tells the story of the Brothers Grimm.

It’s a tale of two brothers who travel around small towns in Europe and con people to pay them to fight away bad spirits. But one day, this mythical story became a reality in Germany and now Grimm’s hotel is here to shed light on the tale.

The hotel has 110 rooms available for you to choose from. Six of the rooms are royal suites. The rooms are a contemporary, modern set up with lime green, black, and white themed wallpaper throughout the

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