Retrace History In The Famous Chislehurst Caves In London

Photo Credit: Visit London

How much do you remember from history class? Do you want to walk through history during your trip to London? If so, you have to check out the Chislehurst Caves.

Chislehurst Caves is an attraction located in the southeastern part of Greater London. It’s visited by tourists from all over the world every year. But it wasn’t always a place where people could walk around freely and explore.

During World War II, the caves were used as a bomb shelter. When the Germans started the ‘Blitz” bombing campaign against Britain in 1940, many people who ran away from London found a safe haven within the Chislehurst Caves. Over time, there were over 15,000 people who occupied the Chislehurst Caves.

You can witness it all on a 45-minute guided tour of this sophisticated manmade cave. Bring some comfortable shoes because you’ll be walking in the dark with a lamp in hand as the tour guide talks about the Druids, Romans, WW2, and more.

Think about what life was like before your great-grandparents were born. The tour guide will

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