10 Affordable Items To Build Your At-Home Gym!

use to spice up any basic strength exercise like squats or push-ups.

The best part about this fitness tool is that it targets both large muscle groups and intrinsic muscles. So you get to work muscles you didn’t even know were there! Improve physical and mental strength, coordination, and balance with the Bosu Trainer! You can order yours here.

2. Ikonify Mini-Bands & Sliding Discs

You may have seen mini-bands, but you probably haven’t seen them like this! Mini-bands are great for any fitness level, whether you’re a professional bodybuilder or a beginner. What makes this set of bands sweeter is that they are made from an improved material, which makes them thick, soft and slip-resistance.

This set comes with three bands, low, medium, and high resistance, so no need to worry about your band being too heavy or too light. You’ll also receive two free sliding discs with your purchase for added value! These discs are

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