What Hinders MS Patients From Receiving Care and How Can We Overcome?

There are many different reasons that people stop treatments for multiple sclerosis or for any condition for that matter.

Certainly, one of the more common ones is financial reasons. The medications for MS, especially the disease-modifying medicines are very expensive, and if someone has financial difficulty, they may not be able to pay their copays.

One of the other reasons is related to financial but maybe insurance coverage. So if someone loses insurance, they may not know that there are resources available to help cover their medicines. So one thing that’s very important is that if someone loses coverage of their insurance or runs into financial difficulty, it’s important to contact your physician because there may be ways for you to receive your medication for free. Unfortunately, I’ve had many patients who didn’t know that and we’re off their treatment and had severe consequences because they didn’t have access to that treatment when they really could have gotten it for free.

Another reason that people stopped treatment is that they may tire of taking or they may get tired of taking it. Especially with our injection medications, which were the first medications approved for much of the past 20 years. People were tired of doing their injections and so they got tired and worn out. They may have had side effects and they may have gotten discouraged.

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