Get Wild With Your Workout With These 5 Moves (Video)

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Boredom in a workout routine is a common complaint from beginners and experienced gym rats alike. If you want to make this healthy lifestyle thing stick, adding variety to your workouts is key.

With your workout rut in mind, Get Fit Like That founder and fitness coach, Sharita Jennings shares some exercises that are a little on the wild side. This workout video is an animal-inspired workout full of moves that will make you think you’re back in recess or channeling your inner spirit animal. While these moves are fun, after a few seconds you’ll quickly find yourself using muscles you haven’t felt in a while, working up a serious sweat.

To do this workout, all you need is some space, preferably outside, but your living room will do just fine as well. If you’re a beginner, grab a timer and do each move for 30 seconds. Repeat the five-move circuit 3 times. If you’re more advanced set your timer to 45 seconds up to 1 minute and do the entire circuit 4 times for a complete workout.