Upping Seniors’ Blood Pressure Meds After Hospital Can Sometimes Bring Danger

recovered from their acute illness is likely to be a safer course,” he said in a university news release.

In the study, the researchers looked at more than 4,000 patients, aged 65 and older, with high blood pressure who were hospitalized for non-cardiac conditions that typically don’t require an increase in blood pressure meds.

Half of the patients had their blood pressure medications increased when they left the hospital and half did not.

A year after discharge, those who received increased blood pressure medications did not have improved blood pressure control or lower risk of heart problems, compared to those who didn’t have their blood pressure medications increased, the findings showed.

But within 30 days after discharge, the patients who received increased blood pressure medications were more likely to have been readmitted to the hospital (21.4% versus 17.7%) and to have had serious medication-related problems, such as falls, fainting and kidney injury (4.5% versus 3.1%).

Anderson stressed that the new findings do not