Have You Ever Given Yourself A Card? Here’s Why You Should!

I’m a big card person. Love them! I scan the card aisles looking for gems to send later for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, sympathies, friendships or…just because. I recently came across a beautiful card in my stash and thought of who to send it to, and thought, why not keep it for myself? Why not send it to me?

This card really touched me. I can’t remember when I bought it or who I may have bought it for, but since it resonated with me, it must be the Universe saying “This one’s for YOU!” I’m truly in the mind space of following my heart. Steadily. Quietly. Purposefully. Patiently. Without needing someone to tell me it’s the right thing to do. Just feeling that it is.

We often pine for words of affirmation (my Love Language, by the way) from others. In the spirit of self-care and self-love, giving yourself a card is a way to affirm yourself to yourself with meaningful and poignant words that touch your spirit. You can even go so far as putting a stamp on the envelope and sending the card to yourself! What a nice surprise when it arrives in the mail. These days, it’s hard to know how many days it will take, LOL!

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m writing a book about my life called Pivot Points–Knowing When to

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