This Is The Coldest Experience You’ll Ever Have In Berlin!

Photo Credit: Visit Berlin

Brace yourself. You’re about to be exposed to one of the coldest experiences you’ll ever have in Berlin.

If you’re traveling to the capital of Germany and looking for an out of the ordinary drink experience, the Berlin Icebar should be on your list. It’s conveniently located near Alexanderplatz, a popular area in the center of Berlin that is surrounded by malls, attractions, and restaurants.

Berlin Icebar is an exclusive night-life activity where everything is made of ice. Yes, everything! The chairs you sit on, the walls you touch, and the cups you drink from are made of ice. This ice structure is only made possible due to the -10°C temperature of the bar.

When you arrive at the Icebar, you’ll be given tokens that you can redeem for three free

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