5 Things To Expect After A Breast Cancer Diagnosis

the removal of all breast tissue and some of the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes are removed for testing to see if cancer cells have spread. A radical mastectomy is the most invasive type of mastectomy with removal of the breast tissue, some muscle and lymph nodes. It is rarely used.

If you have cancer in one breast, you will be given the option to remove the affected breast or both breasts. Some procedures allow for the nipple and areola to be preserved while others do not. After mastectomy, the skin that covered your breast and your nipple may have a loss of sensation.

2. Lumpectomy

If you have a cancerous lump in your breast that is less than 4 cm, your surgeon may suggest a lumpectomy. A lumpectomy is a type of partial mastectomy where your surgeon will remove the lump from your breast and some of the healthy breast tissue surrounding it. A lumpectomy may be the first or final step in your cancer treatment. Factors like menopause and your personal choice can impact what happens next.

3. Chemotherapy (Chemo)

When people think of cancer treatment, they usually envision the hair and weight loss that are common side effects of

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